This Wall Decor Display includes one 40"x30", one 16"x20", one 16"x16", and five 24"x4" panel color prints. All prints attached to the wall are mounted on 2" thick lightweight material. The black edging gives the display a "built in" look.

The smaller prints floating on the larger background prints are mounted on 1" thick lightweight material and appear to hang in midair over the wall piece. All prints are laminated with a UV protector that not only helps prevent fading but protects the surface from damage due to cleaning or accidental spilling.

Custom original images photographed by Nick Gleis produce the finest prints and most unique displays. Stock images taken by Nick Gleis and included in the cost of the display or customer supplied images combined with the latest digital enhancement technique may also be used to produce the wall decor pieces. All displays can be modified to meet specific needs or custom designed original wall pieces are available.

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